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Reveal your genetic potential
Comprehensive DNA report & genetic analysis
The DNA Kit analyzes 261 genetic markers to reveal your genetic potential for physical exercise, your tendency to obesity or your ability to eliminate harmful substances. up to 29 wellness traits. Your report will tell you how your DNA is influencing your weight, aging, athletic performance, food sensitivities, and sleep optimization. It can also provide you with informatin about your susceptibility to a wide range of diseases (from oncology to ophthalmology, gynecology, etc.) compared to the average risk of individuals of the same age, race and sex in a given geographical area.
The result of pairing your DNA report with your biomarker data, will give us the opportunity to guide you through the necessary steps needed to prevent or avoid the development of diseases in the future.
Add a blood test plan to get our deepest level of insight
We will draw a program aimed at making your genetics work in your favor and discover what you should prioritize improving first.
Your genetic data gives us valuable information about your unique body’s made up, traits and potential. Combined with the biomarkers, this gives us a powerful picture of the best version of you. Finally, our customised HAUTE program will allow you to choose your path and guide your destiny.

What's included in your DNA kit

Our scientists have studied genetic markers that can impact important areas of wellness.
Your personalized DNA report reveals your genetics potential in these areas.

Body Weight

Mental Activity


Food Sensitivities


*Your DNA analysis will include, at minimum, the above reports. Sometimes the genotyping process omits genetic data that results in fewer markers for InsideTracker to analyze see our FAQ for more details.